A change is coming... for your skin. As the temperature begins to drop, the change in weather not only affects our wardrobe but also our skin care routines. Dry cold weather can do major harm to supple skin, causing ailments from being super dry to breakouts galore. Here are four ways to protect your face in winter and keep your skin looking beautiful!



So using a scrub might not be your first inclination, but a great exfoliator can do wonders for winter skin. A bunch of dead skin (yuck) can prevent moisturizer from sinking in and doing its job. By shedding these dead skin cells, a face can become instantly softer and smoother. Stray away from harsh scrubs and embrace a more mild, moisturizing exfoliant for winter time (especially ones with fun smells like peppermint or gingerbread). 



Once you scrub away that dead skin, a toner is up next. Toners tighten skin and help balance redness and blotchy skin. Redness is the worst enemy for so many during winter as it is a natural reaction to the freezing cold temps outside and intense heat indoors. Fight the Rudolph look with an natural toner that will get skin looking fresh and taut for a cold winter’s day.


16915-winterize-your-skin-5Although we concentrate on our skin for outdoors, it’s also what’s going on indoors that counts.

The best way to fight dry, itchy skin is a moisturizing agent for showering. Once you do your usual washing and shampooing, an in-shower moisturizer can help create a protective shell that works instantly out of the bath.


Staying Indoors


When the winter weather is just too cold (we’re talking about those below-zero days), staying indoors is not only warmer but also a better option for your skin. The bitter cold winters dry out skin, especially if there’s any ounce of moisture.

Once you get indoors, the skin saving doesn’t stop there. A humidifier does wonders by adding moisture to the air which then goes on to your skin. It not only moisturizes but also helps fight redness.

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