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We are all humans. Thus, we are faced with stressful situations day to day. This kind of stress can ruin a whole day if not dealt with properly. Being a college student, I experience times of stress on a regular basis, the kind that makes me want to rip my hair out! But I do try and practice some strategies that help minimize its affects. 

My Stress Remedies

Prior to spring break, I was faced with midterms and papers that seemed I’d never be able to tackle. The amount of stress I was experiencing was normal for a college student balancing school and work, but I had enough. Usually when I experience an overwhelming amount of stress I try and sort through my daily activities and find that they are all small stuff. You know that saying, “don’t sweat the small stuff”? That is a mantra that everybody should live by. We are all faced with feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day, or that what is demanded from us is unrealistic. But, the key is realizing that you are in control of your life is the foundation of managing stress.

what-is-autismHow Do You Get Autism

We all hope and pray that our children will grow up healthy and happy, and without a disability like autism.  We work hard as moms to nurture and raise up our children in the best way we can.  But there are times when our intuition tells us there is something wrong; something a bit "off" as we see our child faltering developmentally, like autism.  It could be a hearing problem, it could be a learning disability or something else. And no matter what it is and how much we worry about it, the truth is, any "red flag" we see in our child's behavior is pause for us to check it out.

Whitney-HoustonThe Grammy's are gone for another year and they succeeded in honoring their fallen comrade Whitney Houston.

There is something this week that has disturbed me greatly that I believe needs to be addressed.

whitney-houston-toxicology-reportsHow Whitney Houston Died

Many of us have grieved and continue to grieve the loss of the beautiful, talented singer Whitney Houston.  It seems like such a waste and we all try to understand why someone who has everything, someone who lit up the world with her talent, such as Whitney Houston, could be gone.  It's just unbelievable, yet we have seen other patterns of celebrities dying before their times.  Understanding how this could happen is so incomprehensible, yet the reality is, ordinary people die from the same influences as she did.  But it doesn't make things any easier and it would be best to understand and work to prevent why such things happen.

foods-containing-serotoninEat Your Way to Happiness With Foods That Boost Your Mood and Reduce Symptoms of Depression

It's an almost magical connection. We've known for a long time that serotonin is one of the amazingly powerful substances related to depressive mood disorders.  Are foods that increase serotonin a good idea?  Many perscription medications used to control depression have concentrated on inhibiting serotonin loss or adding more through supplementation.