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  • Okay, so we all love a chocolate rabbit, a Cadbury or Reese's egg, or a bowl full of colorful jelly beans. And not to mention deliciously light and fluffy Peeps! 

    Whether you're sneaking them from your kid's Easter basket or you just get your own stash, there's something to be said for enjoying the treats of the season in a grown-up way - with a cocktail or a glass of wine, of course? So accordingly, we've put together some amazing pairings perfect for Easter, or springtime in general.

  • Peeps + Chardonnay

    Peeps + Chardonnay

    Seriously sweet marshmallow Peeps call for something crisp and oaky - or buttery - to offset that sugar rush, making your favorite Chardonnay an ideal pairing.

    Microwave your Peeps at your own risk, however! 

  • Cadbury Creme Eggs + Port Wine

    Cadbury Creme Eggs + Port Wine

    A classic dessert or after dinner drink like Port makes the perfect partner for rich and creamy Cadbury eggs. 

  • Jelly Beans + Cosmopolitan

    Jelly Beans + Cosmopolitan

    You might not think that Cosmos are relevant at all anymore, but the way that the tart and sour citrus and cranberry work with nearly any flavor of jelly bean might change your mind. 


  • Peanut M&Ms + Stout

    Peanut M&Ms + Stout

    Chocolate, peanuts, and a milky stout make for a magical combination that's more than the sum of its parts. All the Easter-themed variations on Snickers work for this one as well - there's something about the sweet and saltiness of peanuts and chocolates and the richness of the stout that works well. 

  • Sour Patch Kids + Bourbon

    Sour Patch Kids + Bourbon

    You'd never probably think to pair Sour Patch kids with bourbon, but we're here to tell you that it's pretty fantastic. Something about the bourbon combined with the sharp sweetness of Sour Patch kids makes for a result that's surprisingly smooth and creamy. 

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