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16465-cat-girl-playingAmerica is home to more than eighty million cats, and we can all learn a lot from them - at least when it comes to relaxing and being in the moment! When it comes to play, no person and no animal does it quite like our furry, purring friends. If you spend any time with cats, you know they put their whole bodies into playtime.

So if you find yourself sitting at home stressed and uptight, wondering why your cat looks at you with that cocked-to-the-side glance, that's because he may be wondering why you are not letting all your cares fade away like he does. 

16465-cat-mouse-toyA recent study found that unlike the master and pet relationship dogs have with humans, cats see humans as equals. Feline ancestors domesticated themselves to gain access to the rodents living near the farmhouses. It was a function of survival.

Whether they're greeting a human or another cat, their actions are all the same - a rubbing against the leg, a smooth purr or that tail upright in the air. Cats' responses are the same whether it is another cat they respect entering a room or a human they love.

16465-cat-leopard-ribbonResearchers found cats and their owners heavily influence one another, often to the extent that they control each other's behaviors.

So maybe when it comes to relaxing and letting go of the stresses of life, we should look at what works for cats and follow in their "paw" steps. There is a reason our purr-fectly perfect companions sleep so well.

17877-girl-laughing-catAll of that leaping and chasing fake mice is not just fun and games, but focused play to hone hunting skills.

That kind of concentration leaves little room for worries, so while scratching a rope-covered pole or pawing a yarn-covered ball may not be your thing, take a note of how these lovable fur balls concentrate on their games and "let it go"!

The next time your cat gives you that look, put those cares away and play. Take a moment to wave sticks or strings of yarn and enjoy the peace that comes with play. 

That is something your cat would love for your next round of kitty playtime!





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