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SoulCycle is the new Crossfit, or at least it is one of the hottest trends in the fitness world. For the uninitiated, this is a 45 minute spin class style workout spent primarily on exercise bikes in a candlelit or otherwise dim room (black lights are popular) adorned with motivational or meditative sayings set to a soundtrack of EDM and the voice of a hyped up instructor. Some fans are real devotees, but others compare it unfavorably to riding an exercise bike in rave.

Think of it as a spiritual rave accompanied by a serious cardio session - and one that is often seriously expensive, with the cost of a class and necessary rental equipment rentals often around $40-50 per class - and that’s somewhat prohibitive if you’re going to attend classes once a week or more. Plus the borderline evangelical tone that some SoulCycle instructors take along with the uber-competitive classmates might lack appeal for you personally.

So here’s what you need to create your own SoulCycle workout at home...

The Perfect Soundtrack

Electronic Dance Music or EDM is the standard for SoulCycle, but really anything energetic like Eighties pop, hip-hop, or anything with a driving beat will serve you well. However, you’ll have to add in your own instructor commentary or sync a YouTube video like this one for the added boost of motivation.

Speakers That Boom

You probably already have a decent audio set-up at home, but if you’re into SoulCycle and want to set yourself up at home, it might be time to splurge on a new set of Sonos or at least a nice pair of headphones.

Mood Lighting

Granted, you probably can’t - and don’t want to - completely build out a SoulCycle studio in your home. However, the key factor might be the lighting - or the lack thereof. Dimming the lights, adding a black light bulb or other interesting colors, and maybe even including some glow-in-the-dark decor in the form of the classic stars and planets all add to the SoulCycle ambiance.

Gear That Works

While you don’t necessarily need to splurge on the latest workout ensembles to get things in the privacy of your own home, part of the allure of SoulCycle is the techno-futuristic or health-goth style of the attendees. And why not look - and feel - good while you sweat? The positive reinforcement of wearing a flattering outfit while kicking ass on the exercise bike might make you crave these amped up workouts even more.

While participating in a spin class that is “tribal, primal, and fun” might indeed be a major draw for SoulCycle devotees, it is totally possible and relatively easy to recreate most of the experience at home.




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