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  • Bunny Butt Cake

    Bunny Butt Cake

    Is this little bunny digging to hide, or storing some delicious eggs? Either way this cake catches the Easter bunny in his perfect element, and is super easy to make.

    Pin Source: Betty Crocker

  • Dyed Deviled Eggs

    Dyed Deviled Eggs

    Dyeing eggs is also a must for Easter, but how about dyeing the inside of the egg! Prepare your deviled eggs as normal, but make sure to dye the egg white before filling them with the egg!

    Pin Source: Donkey And The Carrot

  • Rice Krispies Hidden Surprise Easter Egg

    Rice Krispies Hidden Surprise Easter Egg

    Easter egg hunts are always a must on Easter, so maybe try spicing up the prizes inside those eggs this year! Stuff some Easter M&M’s to fill the Rice Krispie Egg, then put the egg inside the plastic eggs to hide!

    Pin Source: Simply Being Mommy

  • Peeptini Lemonade

    Peeptini Lemonade

    Lemonade is great for the spring and summer, but even more special with a Peep served on top! 

    Pin Source: Home Is Where The Boat Is

  • Rainbow Egg Garland

    Rainbow Egg Garland

    Have some of those extra sample paint chips leftover that you want to get rid of? Well here is your change! Cut those chips into egg shapes, string them on a garland and tie them up for an easy Easter decoration.

    Pin Source: Modern Parents Messy Kids

  • Easter Egg Appetizer Tray

    Easter Egg Appetizer Tray

    Get crafty with serving your appetizers this Easter and serve them inside easter eggs! Grab a few egg cartons, colorful eggs and store some healthy appetizers to balance out all of the chocolate from the day.

    Pin Source: Kalio Chic

  • Printed Strip Easter Egg Art

    Printed Strip Easter Egg Art

    Another easy decoration for your home, and an easy craft for the kids!

    Pin Source: Minted

  • Easter Basket Cookies

    Easter Basket Cookies

    Yup, these little guys are actually cookies! Very easy to make, and adorable for that Easter brunch display!

    Pin Source: Oh Nuts

  • Bunny Butt Decoration & Game

    Bunny Butt Decoration & Game

    Couldn’t get enough of that Bunny Butt cake? Well take it to the next level! Hide this bunny in the house somewhere, and have the kids hunt for the bunny. First to find him wins a prize!

    Pin Source: House Honeys

  • Bunny Pancakes

    Bunny Pancakes

    Can brunch be any cuter than this? Probably not! Clean out old glue bottles and fill them with color-dyed pancake mix. Don’t feel constricted to just bunny pancakes - try other designs too!

    Pin Source: I Heart Nap Time

  • Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffle

    Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffle

    Chocolate eggs and cookies are always a win on Easter, but how about combining the two with this cookie dough truffle?

    Pin Source: Wine And Glue

  • DIY Easter Bunny Crayons

    DIY Easter Bunny Crayons

    This craft is great to do with the kids on Easter, and will keep them preoccupied with the funky colors and designs!

    Pin Source: Moon Frye

  • Rainbow Water Centerpiece

    Rainbow Water Centerpiece

    This centerpiece idea is elegant and easy for your Easter festivities!

    Pin Source: Papery and Cakery

  • Easter Bunny Door Decoration

    Easter Bunny Door Decoration

    Because what’s a holiday without a door decoration, especially one as cute as this?

    Pin Source: Etsy

  • Bunny Head Fruit Platter

    Bunny Head Fruit Platter

    Don’t just serve fruit at your Easter brunch, decorate it!

    Pin Source: Worth Pinning

  • Easter Egg Garland (Or Centerpiece!)

    Easter Egg Garland (Or Centerpiece!)

    Get even more creative with your egg garland with this DIY project! Another great craft to do with the kids.

    Pin Source: Crafty Endeavor

  • Carrot Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    Carrot Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    Last but not least, don’t forget to dig up your carrots for the Easter bunny (or for all your other hungry guests this Easter)!

    Pin Source: Lil Luna

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