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From learning to believe in your dreams to letting go of your past and moving on, there are several valuable lessons we can learn from watching Disney movies. Here are some of the most important ones that Walt Disney taught us through his films.

Cinderella – Dreams Do Come True


At the beginning of the movie, Cinderella was in an awful situation living under the dominance of her stepmother and cruel stepsisters. She constantly dreamt of a better future, even though she felt hopeless that it would ever come true. All it took was one night for her life to turn around. Prince Charming swept her off her feet and she indeed lived happily ever after.

Pocahontas –  Stand Up For What You Believe In


Pocahontas taught young girls to be bold and listen to their hearts. Another valuable lessons embedded in this movie is to learn to accept people for who they are, and not where they come from. Don't treat those different from you with fear. Instead, find your similarities and see what you can learn from each other.

Beauty And The Beast – Accept People For Who They Are, Not What They Look Like


You may find that those who may resemble a beast often have a heart of gold. Beauty and the Beast taught us to look past a person's façade and take time to get to know them. It’s not about what they look like on the outside but what’s on the inside. 

Toy Story – Great Things Happen When We Work Together

disney-lessons-toystoryPhoto Credit: Disney/Pixar

Toy Story taught us that you can’t always accomplish things alone. It wasn't until Woody and Buzz put aside their differences and worked together that they were able to be reunited with their beloved owner Andy. 

The Lion King – Accept Your Past, Learn and Move On


The unforeseen loss and betrayal in The Lion King is something most of us can, unfortunately, relate to. Our hearts break for Simba when he loses his father, but lessons like this teach us to accept earth-shattering situations, grieve and learn how to be strong and move on. Thankfully for Timon and Pumba, Simba learns how to be strong, overlook Scar’s manipulation and gain the trust of those in his kingdom.

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