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While Memorial Day often seems like a holiday (and it is) and a good excuse to have a barbecue or spend a weekend outside, it's important to remember that it also serves as a reminder to appreciate U.S. Military members and those soldiers who have died serving our country. On Memorial Day, there are tons of parades and town gatherings held in memory of our fallen soldiers. The holiday is thought of as the unofficial start to summer and offers a great opportunity to spend time with family and remind those close to you what Memorial Day is all about. 

Memorial Day Weekend

Teaching your kids about Memorial Day is an important aspect of celebrating Memorial Day weekend. Remind kids that this celebratory summer kick off weekend is also a way to show respect and celebrate the lives of U.S. military members who gave their own lives in combat protecting our country. Memorial Day weekend also provides an excellent opportunity to take your kids to view American monuments or on a trip rich in American history. This list of Memorial Day events and vacation ideas are an excellent way to celebrate Memorial Day. 

Memorial Weekend Events and Ideas

  • Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to take your family to our nation's capitol. Visiting monuments in Washington D.C. is a great Memorial Day weekend activity that will remind your family that Memorial Day is a celebration of everyone who's fought for America.  
  • Visiting a national park is also a great way to celebrate our country. Rent a cabin or go on a camping trip and remind your kids that they are able to celebrate and go on vacation because of the sacrifices of our military members who protect us. 
  • Take your family to a local event that honors those in your area who have served as well as those who have fallen while serving the country. This is a more somber event to attend but reminds both you and your family what the holiday stands for. 

The Memorial Day weekend is a great way to spend time with your family. Reminding your family what Memorial Day is all about is important and will strengthen your family bond!

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