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As a busy mom, you're always trying to plan ahead and stay organized when it comes to taking care of our family, especially during the busy back-to-school season. One of the key ways to keep the family on track during the week is by having some go-to lunch and snack ideas that are easy to put together when you're rushed for time, good for kids to eat, and have a great taste they'll love. It's all about building a better lunchbox, without slowing down the morning rush.

Here are some of my reliable go-to lunch bag items for back-to-school time.

Easy Main Course Lunch: Cheesy Quesadillas

This is one of the easiest lunches you can make for kids and they'll ask for it time and again. Simply melt some cheese inside a folded tortilla by popping it in the microwave for ten seconds. For dipping, pack a small container of heart-healthy tomato salsa and another one of Greek yogurt (you can tell kids it's sour cream). You can easily add other yummy ingredients to these quesadillas too, such as shredded cooked chicken, green onions, or canned black beans (rinsed and drained). It's a tasty and filling school lunch that’s incredibly easy to prepare -- everyone wins!


Easy Snacks: Dried Fruits and Crackers

Kids always want to know what snacks you're packing in their lunch bag. But moms worry about kids eating junky snacks and skipping their main meal. We also care a lot about convenience. Keep your kids happy this back-to-school season with yummy snacks that have all the flavor and crunch they're looking for, that also deliver great ingredients you can feel glad about them eating. Some of our favorite snacks to pack in school lunch bags are dried banana chips and other dried fruits, stashed in individual plastic sandwich bags or small containers. (Make it easy on yourself and pre-pack snack bags for the week on Sunday evenings, so you're not rushing on weekday mornings). Or even better, send kids to school with non-refrigerated lunch time snacks that come already packaged in small servings like cracker and cheese packs or protein bars. 

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