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Milk Allergies

Today, more and more people are identified with milk allergies and intolerances. But how can you tell if you have a milk allergy? Dr. Kate Morrison, N.D., Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Kabrita USA shares the some insights.

Womensforum:  How can you tell if dairy is an issue?

Dr. Kate Morrison: It’s important to recognize that not all dairy is created equal. It's true that all milk, such as human, cow or goat, share the same macronutrient profile. But, they are actually very different on a micro-compositional level, making some milks easy to digest while others, namely cow milk, prove to be a health challenge for many.

Work with a trusted healthcare practitioner to evaluate a potential cow milk sensitivity before making any dietary changes. Symptoms associated with cow milk sensitivity may take up to one week to manifest. A diet diary is a reliable tool for sussing out suspicious foods. Track your diet over one week, making note of all foods consumed during breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Leave extra room to record associated symptoms that may of personal concern, as well as daily bowel habits, energy, sleep, and mood.

Consider adding an intensity scale to qualify each one. Work with your healthcare practitioner to review your diet diary and glean potential insights between foods consumed and symptoms experienced.

goats milkWF: Can you still drink [cow] milk if you have an intolerance?

Dr. Kate Morrison: Cow Milk Sensitivity is the more appropriate term to use to reflect the range of symptoms experienced in relation to cow milk consumption. It’s best to look at other options. Goat milk is a great alternative because it is naturally easy to digest and may be a solution for people with Cow Milk Sensitivity.

Dr. Kate Morrison is a naturopathic doctor and a graduate of the highly-regarded Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. In 2006, Kate established a thriving multi-disciplinary natural health clinic in Port Credit, Ontario. While she prescribed goat milk to patients with cow milk intolerance for years, it wasn’t until her own son had an adverse reaction to cow milk formula that she set about creating her first goat milk formula. 

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