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Everyone wants a bright and bubbly garden in the Spring and summertime,  but when autumn rolls around, it can be fun to give the space a darker feel. A Gothic upgrade for your garden in the fall opens up new creative possibilities with a ton of dark and spooky options. Don’t think because they're a darker colore that they aren't pretty. These plants add gorgeous drama to any garden! 

Queen of the Night tulips


Instead of the classic bright yellow and pink tulips, give your garden an eerie Gothic look with these almost-black tulips. 

Black Mondo Grass



Sure green grass looks lush but this black, dark and spiky foliage is the perfect way to round out a spooky garden. 

Aeonium Zwartkop




These winter-blooming succulents feature blackish leaves and a green center. Their size, shape and texture makes them great focal points for the garden.

Black bamboo


This type of bamboo  starts out with green stems that slowly turn black as it matures, often growing to heights up to 15 feet. 

Purple basil


Add a twist to your normal Italian basil and try out its purple variety. It has a clove-like taste with an intense purple color. 

Black Velvet petunias

Black Velvet petunias



They are so dark purple they look like black velvet! These sweet smelling petunias last throughout the fall season and are perfectly eerie! 

Black hollyhock

Black hollyhock


These babies can grow up to six feet tall and have almost-black blooms that look eerie-chic! 

Black pansies




Pansies are always the go-to flower because they last long and are super easy to maintain. These black pansies would look stellar in a bed of brightly colored neighbors. 


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