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breakfast-myths-gone-wrongBreakfast may not be as important as we thought, says new study. 

If we skip breakfast, we think the rest of our day is just bound to be screwed up. Our metabolism is shot! Well, not necessarily.

We always tell our kids and ourselves that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But is it really? Put down the cereal bowl until you read these 5 breakfast myths. 

Myth: Breakfast is good for your heart.


Truth: Studies suggest that what we eat for breakfast and when we do doesn’t really affect our cardiovascular system as much as we once thought.  

Myth: Breakfast makes you lose weight.


Truth: Just because you eat breakfast doesn’t guarantee weight loss, especially if you love breakfast sandwiches or overly sugary cereals. What’s more important is the choice of food, the amount and physical activity before and after eating. It’s true that eating breakfast can give us more energy to be physically active throughout the day but that doesn’t really affect our metabolism. If you wake up hungry, listen to your body and eat.

Myth: Eating breakfast helps you snack less.


Truth: Can eating breakfast really help bust snack cravings? A study was done and showed that people who skip breakfast were hungrier at lunch, but didn’t actually consume more calories in total throughout the day compared to breakfast eaters. 

Myth: Everyone should eat breakfast.


Truth: For athletes, this is a vital meal. For the rest of us, not as much. But if you always workout in the morning, you’ll need breakfast to fuel yourself. And no, that doesn’t include a sugary pastry or donut. 

Myth: Too much coffee will dehydrate you.


Truth: It’s true coffee can dehydrate you a little, but you just made that cup of java with water so it balances out the dehydrating effect of the coffee. And according to the Mayo Clinic, coffee may in fact help hydrate you! So, brew away! 

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