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  • Heading off to grandma's house for Thanksgiving or off to spend the holidays with relatives can make for a long time in the car. We've put together a list of some super time-consuming toys that will keep the kids from asking, "Are we there, yet?"

  • Say Cheese!

    Say Cheese!

    Use all of that fun scenery passing by the window to your advantage. The Kidizoom Camera Connect lets your little one play photographer. It is a real 1.3 megapixel camera with a 4x digital zoom. It even has built-in photo effects and records video with sound. Watch your child's creativity come alive, and better still there will be fewer "obscure art" photos on your smartphone.

  • Snap, Click, Occupied!

    Snap, Click, Occupied!

    You know how long it takes for your toddler to tie a shoe? Well, let's get him started early and turn that focus into a time killer on the family road trip. The Buster Square Buckle Toy® is a super soft plush toy uniquely designed in primary colors. Toddlers will not only learn to "snap" and "click" but also develop and strengthen fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and color recognition.

  • Buckle Toy Characters

    Buckle Toy Characters

    Also from Buckle Toys, the Benny Lion Bag is more suited for older toddlers. All of the Buckle Toy characters have cuddly bodies decorated with fun shapes and numbers to keep kids learning and entertained. The Benny comes with an easy-glide zipper and a pocket that is perfect for hiding treasures. Whether it's counting to improve math skills, naming the shapes, zipping up and down or snapping buckles, there is plenty for kids to learn while on the go. 

  • The Finding Game

    The Finding Game

    When you are on hour five of a 10-hour drive you may not be in the mood to play "I spy with my little eye..." for the 14th time, so pull out this handy game instead, appropriately called Find It, that lets kids play the "finding" game all by themselves. 

  • Each tube comes with a list of the objects hidden inside so young kids can keep turning and twisting it until the objects are uncovered. For older kids, there are sets of cards with questions and they have to find an object that fits the answer. You can even play off your child's interest by getting a themed tube like one with dinosaurs or objects connected with pirates.

  • The More You Know!

    The More You Know!

    This one says it right there on the box, Family Road Trip game. As soon as you start hearing the backseat complaints of boredom, you can be ready with this box of questions. Moms and dads, you won't believe the amount of information you will gather playing this game, a big bonus especially for parents of the typically tight-lipped preteens and teens. Your kids will have fun learning weird facts about you, too!

  • Tiny Secret Weapons

    Tiny Secret Weapons

    We have to go old school on this one! When it comes to young kids the key to road trip sanity is having a diversion. Before the trip, stock up on small character figurines like these Fisher Price DC Peoplenothing fancy, just some fun action figures, monster trucks or plastic animals, anything they like. This is the perfect time to let their imaginations get a bit of a workout, whether it is at the restaurant you stopped at for a quick bite to eat or on mile 104 on the way to relatives. The key here is to collect all of the items before you get out of the car at your destination (or back home) so that this particular distraction is just for road trips.

  • Spot It!

    Spot It!

    This is the perfect game to play when driving through small towns, and what's even better is that everyone can play, including the driver! Spot It! comes with a deck of image cards with items you might find on a road trip. It is easy enough for your youngest and the older ones still enjoy it to, so the whole family can play together. The manufacturer discontinued making this game, but you can still find it on Amazon. 

  • An Interactive Tall Tale

    An Interactive Tall Tale

    Kids love stories. It makes sense—from the time they are babies, we read books to them, and with them, and we hope that at some point they will love reading so much they'll do it all by themselves. This pocket-sized game plays off of that love of stories by challenging the players to come up with their own tall tales. One way to play is to start a story, working the image on the cubes into your version; then with another roll of the dice the next person keeps the story going. 

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