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asthma-study-says-no-to-fast-foodTeens and children that eat fast food at least three times a week have a higher asthma risk.

A recent UK asthma study has shown that kids that eat fast food three times per week are at greater risk for asthma. Teens that frequent fast food places are at a 40 percent higher risk and grade-school-aged children have a 26 percent higher probability of developing asthma.

Data was collected from roughly half a million children located in 50 different countries and not only showed increased, potential asthma risk, but also severe eczema and other conditions associated with allergies.

What was the reason for higher risks? Studies of fast food showed that the high levels of trans fats and saturated fats seem to incite greater probability. On the flip-side, eating fruit allows protection against asthma and allergies.

How to Prevent Asthma

1. Consider the Mediterranean Diet

Research that took place in Athens, Greece in 2011 showed that teens and children that followed the Mediterranean Diet had notable protection against asthma. Urban children were more likely to develop asthma than the rural children, strongly suggesting the urban kids were more likely to eat the fast or take-out food there.

2. Increase Supplements

B-6 and B-12, along with vitamin C seem to be the superstars when it comes to preventing asthma naturally. Selenium, magnesium and manganese are also great choices, as they reduce inflammation the lungs. While supplements alone cannot cure asthma, there is also an enzyme known as glutathione peroxidase that can be purchased at a health food store that may help.

3. Keep Pushing Fluids

With asthma, mucus and fluid tends to build up in the lungs, laboring breathing. Experts recommend drinking 8-to-12 glasses of water per day whether eating or not. Drinking water especially on an empty stomach is beneficial in preventing asthma.

4. Watch Your Diet

Flax seed oil and essential fatty acids, along with omega-3s are great, natural choices to prevent asthma. Whole grains, vegetables, nuts and fresh fruits are recommended. Pick mustard oils and quercetin, along with garlic and onions.

5. Watch Asthma-Triggering Foods

As evidenced by the UK study on asthma, additives, processed foods, meat and even dairy can produce the thicker mucus that causes asthma. Eliminate these foods from the diet and instead substitute the healthy foods that prevent asthma.

We hope this information is helpful for those of you that either have asthma or children that struggle with it.

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