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iStock 648817898 CroppedDoing something kind for someone else is the best way to feel good! A simple random act of kindness not only makes you feel great but also motivates others to pay it forward. Never underestimate the power of a random act of kindness any time of the year. Need inspiration or ideas? Here are twenty-five things you can do anytime!

25 Random Acts of Kindness 

  1. Donate dog and cat toys to a local animal shelter
  2. Bring some clothing or household items to your local donation center
  3. Donate brand new toys or craft supplies to a children’s organization
  4. Send a thank you letter to your police and fire station
  5. Help shovel the driveway of an elderly neighbor
  6. Bake treats for your coworkers
  7. Leave a big tip at your favorite restaurant
  8. Send care packages to soldiers
  9. Send flowers to a friend.
  10. Compliment a stranger
  11. Host a clothing or toiletry drive in your community
  12. Hold the door for someone
  13. Volunteer your time at the soup kitchen
  14. Treat someone in line at the coffee shop to their drink
  15. Let someone take the closer parking spot
  16. Give up your seat on the subway or bus in the morning on your way to work
  17. Invite someone over for a homecooked meal
  18. Become a big brother or big sister
  19. Donate books to your local library or the library at your children’s school
  20. Make someone breakfast in bed
  21. Send a check to your favorite charity
  22. Make homemade gifts for your friends, family or people who you see every day
  23. Host sing-alongs at a children’s hospital or nursing home
  24. Read stories at a children’s hospital
  25. Donate magazines to senior and veteran centers

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